The Gentleman’s Journal Podcast

Special Episode! Inside our November/December magazine issue

November 29, 2018

This episode is slightly different to our usual format. We launched the November/ December issue of our magazine a couple of weeks ago, and some of the stories inside are so interesting that we thought they were might be worth discussing on the podcast, too.

So I sat down with Jonny Wells, our features writer, and Harry Jarman, our Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, and we spoke about everything from Cristal champagne to our interviews with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren, not to mention our incredible cover story with Mr Hugh Jackman.

If you’re interested in the luxury market at the moment, the advice of great, great men, or just how a magazine is put together, it’s a pretty interesting stuff. 

The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell cognac.

Our thanks also to Mark's Club for their hospitality.