Live Special! The Early Stages of Entrepreneurship with Martell Blue Swift

January 17, 2019

This is a very exciting episode for us  — it marks the first time we’ve ever recorded the podcast in front of a live audience. In December I sat down at the Conduit Club in Mayfair with five of the most exciting young entrepreneurs in London, and spoke to them about their memories and experiences in those make-or-break first days of the start up game. 

We were very lucky to be joined at the Conduit by Freddie Garland of Freddie's Flowers, Daniel Scott of AirSorted, Henry Hales of Sir Plus, Arthur Kay of BioBean, and Archie Hewlett of Duke and Dexter.

It’s definitely one of the most interesting and downright useful episodes we’ve ever recorded, and we’re incredible grateful to Martell Blue Swift for collaborating with us on a very special evening. 



How to go with your gut — Nick Woodman, Founder of GoPro

December 21, 2018

Our guest on today's episode is Nick Woodman, the founder and CEO of GoPro. Nick first started the company in 2002, when he realised that it might be fun to record his surfing antics on a wrist-strap camera. And the rest, as they say, is history: adrenaline junkies, performers and sports stars have been using these incredibly smart and nearly-indestructible cameras to record just about everything ever since.

Today, Nick tells us how he sold Indonesian shell necklaces to fund the first ever GoPros; Why it’s important to put a deadline on your success; and how it’s good to be a little bit scared once in a while. Enjoy.           

The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell Blue Swift. 


Special Episode! Inside our November/December magazine issue

November 29, 2018

This episode is slightly different to our usual format. We launched the November/ December issue of our magazine a couple of weeks ago, and some of the stories inside are so interesting that we thought they were might be worth discussing on the podcast, too.

So I sat down with Jonny Wells, our features writer, and Harry Jarman, our Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, and we spoke about everything from Cristal champagne to our interviews with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren, not to mention our incredible cover story with Mr Hugh Jackman.

If you’re interested in the luxury market at the moment, the advice of great, great men, or just how a magazine is put together, it’s a pretty interesting stuff. 

The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell cognac.

Our thanks also to Mark's Club for their hospitality.


How to turn sweat into gold

November 16, 2018

We’re joined on today’s episode by three gentlemen at the centre of the fitness revolution: Jason de Savary of Core Collective, James Balfour of 1Rebel, and Damian Soong of Form Nutrition.

In a particularly animated episode of the podcast, the boys discuss how fitness has become more fashionable than fashion; why mental fitness could be the next big thing; and how social media can be a double-edged sword.

The Gentleman’s Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martel Cognac.


How to predict the future — Adam Ludwin of Captify

November 5, 2018

Adam Ludwin is the co-founder of Captify, a leader in Search Intelligence.

After dropping out of university, Adam founded his first digital media business from a computer in his mother’s hallway at the age of 21. In just a few short years, his company Captify has gone on to work with some of the world’s biggest advertisers, including Apple, American Express, Microsoft and Nike. He now runs a team of more than 200 people across the world, and recently raised over £10 million for further expansion.

In today’s episode, Adam tells us the importance of showing your vulnerabilities, how search intelligence predicted Brexit and the rise of Trump, and why he keeps a photo from his first day at school on his bedside table.

The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell cognac. Our thanks also to Mark's Club for their hospitality.


How to stand out from the crowd — Propercorn’s Cassandra Stavrou and Ryan Cohn

October 26, 2018

Cassandra Stavrou and Ryan Cohn are the co-founders of Propercorn, the UK's best selling popcorn brand. The pair started the company in 2011, and back then they used a cement mixer and a paint sprayer to cook up their first batches. Today, Propercorn sells a packet of popcorn every second.

In a today's episode, Cassandra and Ryan discuss building a healthy start-up culture from scratch; the keys to a winning sales pitch; and why Winnie the Pooh is an excellent guide to modern life.

The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell Cognac. Our thanks once again to Mark's Club for playing host.


How to succeed as the underdog — Anton Chirkunov of Wheely

October 11, 2018

Anton Chirkunov is the founder of Wheely, a luxury ride hailing app based in Moscow and London. A typical tech founder prodigy, Anton built the first version of the company at just 23 years old. Since then, it’s grown into a thriving business with more than 250 employees, and next year plans to expand from into Paris and beyond.

In today’s episode, Anton tells us why it’s okay to spend two years building the wrong product; how it feels to be the underdog every single day, and why he never learned to drive himself. 

The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell Cognac. Our thanks once again to Mark's Club for playing host.


How to reinvent yourself — David Spencer-Percival of Rosemary Water

September 27, 2018

David Spencer-Percival is the serial entrepreneur behind No. 1 Rosemary Water and now No. 1 Botanicals, a new range of botanical-infused drinks with various health-giving properties.

In a fascinating episode of the Gentleman's Journal podcast, David tells how a chance encounter in a carpark changed his life forever; why he decided suddenly one day to sell all his worldly possessions; and how a tiny village in the Italian hills might just hold the secret to a long and healthy life.

Our thanks to Dukes Hotel for playing host.



How to conquer fear — Jason Fox

August 9, 2018
Our guest on today's episode of the Gentleman's Journal Podcast is Jason Fox, the former marine, Special Forces operative and documentary filmmaker. 
Jason's career has spanned several decades and dozens of countries. But there's been a running theme throughout  — no matter where he finds himself, Jason survives and thrives in the harshest situations on the planet. 
From his work as a Special Forces diver to his new Channel 4 documentary investigating the world's deadliest drug cartels, Jason has dealt with some of the most stressful scenarios imaginable. With that in mind, this episode is all about conquering your fears, facing risk, and overcoming monumental odds — whether in business, in entrepreneurship or in life. 
Our thanks to Mark's Club for playing host.

How to become a serial entrepreneur — Justin Byam Shaw

July 19, 2018

Our guest on today’s episode is Justin Byam Shaw, the chairman of the Evening Standard and the Independent, the director of the Felix Project, and a serial entrepreneur. 

Justin’s career has spanned many, many companies and several decades, but it all come back to a few familiar traits — an eye for the main chance, a winning way with people and an uncanny sense of timing.

From the privatisation of BT to the manic days of the dot com boom and the new media revolution, Justin’s successes trace the story of modern entrepreneurship. 

Today’s episode, recorded in his corner office at Northcliffe House, is a must listen for anyone interested in getting to the top and staying there.