The 25-Year-Old CEO – Ross Bailey

November 8, 2017

Our guest on today's podcast is Ross Bailey, the founder and CEO of Appear Here. 

Ross left school at 16, and soon found that his infectious enthusiasm lent itself perfectly to the world business. His first true entrepreneurial venture, founded when he was just 19, is the one that he still heads up today. Appear here is now the world’s largest online marketplace for short-term retail spaces – a kind of Air BnB for commercial property. A major driving force in the pop-up sector, the company works with thousands of established brands and fledgling businesses every year, and has just overseen a very successful expansion to Paris and the US.

Today, Ross tells us how a Jubilee-themed party accidentally kicked off the entire business, what it’s like to be a CEO of a multinational company at the age of 25, and why he never wants to hear about another clean-eating start up ever again.

Our thanks once again to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


Print is dead, long live print – Nicholas Coleridge

October 26, 2017

Our guest this afternoon is Nicholas Coleridge, the Chairman of both Condé Nast and the Victoria & Albert Museum. For many years, Nicholas has been the figurehead of the international magazine industry, acting as both an adoring cheerleader and a hardnosed innnovator.

As a former editor of several high-profile titles, and the departing managing director of one of the world's most influential publishers, Nicholas knows the industry from cover to cover – and might just be able to predict the next installment in its turbulent modern history.

In today’s episode, Nicholas discusses his greatest journalistic scoops and stunts; what not to do if you want a job at Condé Nast; and why magazines are best enjoyed in the bath.

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Time is Money – Wilhelm Schmid

October 12, 2017

In this week's episode, we talk to Wilhelm Schmid, the CEO of German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne.

Though Wilhelm’s background is in the automobile industry, he has, since a very young age, been obsessed with watches. He’s in the right place, then – based in the famous watchmaking town of Glashütte in Germany, A. Lange & Söhne is perhaps one of the most celebrated and venerated watch brands in the world.

Today, the CEO tells us how a watch can possibly cost 2 million euros, why smart watches are doomed by their very nature to fail, and why gentlemen are still so in thrall to measuring time.

Our thanks, once again, to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


Vogue Traders – David Gandy and Terry Betts

September 28, 2017

David Gandy is the most successful British model of his generation, a fashion entrepreneur in his own right, and an investor in several menswear start ups. He's joined today on the show by Terry Betts, the former Buying Director at Selfridges and now the head of business development at Thread, the revolutionary online stylist. 

In today's episode, these kingpins of the fashion industry tell us why menswear has exploded in the past decade, how the rise of influencers could be a dangerous thing, and why we may all soon be getting our clothes delivered from a blimp. 


Look at the mountaintop, not at the mountain – Geoffrey Kent

August 23, 2017

Geoffrey Kent is the founder, chairman and CEO of Abercrombie & Kent, the world's first ever luxury travel company and still the industry's gold standard.

In this week’s episode, the travel tycoon tells us how he convinced the richest man in the world to become one of his first customers; why most entrepreneurs fall at the first hurdle; and how an incident with a tailored shirt changed his outlook on life forever.

Our thanks to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


The Future of Wealth – Alex Scott, Charles Hambro, and Piers Hedley

August 9, 2017

Getting rich is easy. It's staying rich that's the hard part. Today, we speak to three titans of the wealth management industry – Alex Scott, Charles Hambro, and Piers Hedley – and discover just how much this ancient game has changed in recent years.

From the fallout of the financial crisis, to the rise of millennial billionaires and the advent of investment algorithms, today's guests give us an unprecedented insight into wealth management’s inner workings, its future, and the strategies that will help secure it.

Along the way, Alex, Charles and Piers tell us how they can instantly tell a good entrepreneur from a bad one, how the wealthy make their own luck, and how everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.    


Becoming a green energy mogul – Arthur Kay

July 26, 2017

Arthur Kay is the founder and CEO of Bio-Bean, an award winning clean energy company that recycles old coffee grounds into advanced bio-fuels. Arthur chanced upon the beautifully simple idea while he was studying for a degree in architecture, and kicked off the company just a few days after he graduated. Very soon, he had raised several million pounds in private funding and built an expert team with decades of combined experience in the energy industry. Today, the waste from one in ten of the UK's cups of coffee goes through Bio-Bean's factory. 

In this episode, Arthur tells us how ideas mean nothing without execution, about the danger of being labelled a “green” entrepeneur, and how he hopes to hack the world’s major cities, one problem at a time.


A passport to the high life – Aaron Simpson

July 12, 2017

Aaron Simpson is the founder and chairman of Quintessentially, the world’s most famous luxury concierge company. Founded with university friends Ben Elliot and Paul Drummond in the late nineties, Quintessentially has become the gatekeeper of the good life, offering its clients unprecedented access to just about anything. Today, the company has over 3,500 employees, offices in 60 cities around the world, and big, big plans.

In this episode, Aaron tells us about his project to build the world’s biggest superyacht, the changing spending habits of the mega rich, and his secret plans to create the world’s most ambitious immersive experience.  

Our thanks to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


Cause trouble – Henry Porter

June 28, 2017

Henry Porter is the UK Editor of Vanity Fair and a renowned political columnist. Speaking to us just a week after the General Election, Henry gives the inside scoop on the modern media landscape, before telling us why he was compelled to start The Convention – an organisation that holds the debates that parliament won’t.

Along the way, he talks to us about the importance of causing trouble; the dying craft of self-editing; and the power of finishing what you’ve started.


Never be boring – Henry Wyndham

May 31, 2017

For many years, Henry Wyndham was the senior auctioneer and chairman at Sotheby’s, the world renowned auction house. Known for his towering height and garrulous style, the auctioneer presided over some of the most significant bidding wars in art history. His £65 million sale of Giacometti's "Walking Man" sculpture in 2010 was at the time the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction. 

Today, Henry talks to us about his failed first career as a door to door salesman, how auctioneering is all in the eyebrows, and how a shooting accident might just have changed his life for the better.