The Gentleman’s Journal Podcast

Sex sells — Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens

January 24, 2020

Emma Sayle is the founder of Killing Kittens, and one of the world’s leading “sex-entrepreneurs”. You might know Killing Kittens as the brand behind a world of high-end sex parties that put female empowerment at their core — perhaps you've even been to one of their events. 

The company turns 15-years-old this year, has more than 80,000 active members, and turns over many multiples of millions, as you’ll find out — so it’s heartening to learn it was born out of a three day party with no sleep on the island of Ibiza. 

In a brilliant episode of the podcast, we spoke about the importance of having a thick skin; the reactions of Emma’s friends and family when they first learned of the idea; and the incredible cross-section of powerful people who attend these remarkable events. Enjoy.